Sunday, February 21, 2010

BRADLEY COOPER: Baby-Daddy #20

Ahhh, you silly people who refer to him as "that guy from The Hangover" ...

Because looooong before that film, Bradley Cooper was melting my Haagen-Dazs in TV series like "Touching Evil" and "The $treet". He then got his own shot starring in the short-lived "Kitchen Confidential" (which was better than anyone ever gave it credit for being), supporting roles in Wedding Crashers and in the TV series "Alias" finally brought him some well-deserved attention from the industry.

But if possible, catch him in all his juicy glory as Aidan Stone in a handful of "Nip/Tuck" (a series that, thankfully, has always glorified the beauty and sensuality of the nude/nearly nude male form) episodes ... and as 'Face' in the upcoming film version of The A-Team.

I had the pleasure of meeting Bradley Cooper several years ago, when he was doing a play on Broadway, and I have to say that there is no photo I have ever seen - no piece of video, either - that does the man justice; he is handsome beyond belief in person, and exudes an aura of charm, masculinity and openness that will have you dropping to your knees in front of him ... not for the usual reason, but to propose marriage; the guy is THAT nice, and that sensually beautiful.

I did well to not jump on him when we met, but definitely a baby-daddy I wouldn't dare trust myself alone in a room with. Unless, of course, HE wanted it that way ...


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