Saturday, April 24, 2010


My thanks and love to OTBVideo (Rene, you allow me to indulge my love of younger Mexican/Hispanic guys, thank you), Ransom Video (Jonny, you were so, SO nice to me when I first contacted you, and have continued to be that way; am SO appreciative, man), Lucas Entertainment (Patrick, I love you bro - you made my week and look forward to speaking with Michael), Alexander Pictures )(Alexander, you are one of the sweetest, sexiest men I've ever had the pleasure to know), Hustler/HIS Video (for allowing me to add some straight guys and straight-up straight sex to the mixture), and of course Titan (Bless you, Nick, for sticking with me).
Thanks to these hot and talented filmmakers, you've got to stay tuned to some major updating by way of some truly exceptional adult films I've received or gotten access to.

Please check back for more reviews - meanwhile, I've added some startlingly HOT images to my first one for OTBVideo, Bare City Boyz, which you'll find if you scroll down a few posts beyond this one.

Looks like I may have to spend a good chunk of this weekend watching porn or writing erotica. Anyone wanna come over and give a writer his inspiration?



So what's a cute, young, gay culinary student/pastry chef wannabe supposed to do, when he agrees to help out for Parents Weekend by cooking for a houseful of frat boys?

This is Rich's dilemma, as he shows up to the huge, kinda creepy frat house, prepared for cooking - and walks in on the leftovers of a drunken party the night before. The door open, Rich stumbles into the darkened home to find frat boys of every size, shape and variety passed out on nearly every available surface in the living room - in various stages of drunken undress. Worse, as he somehow makes his way down the hall to the kitchen, Rich finds a cluttered, tiny workspace on which to cook the guys' meal ... and, on the large kitchen table in the corner, the man of his dreams - straight athlete CJ - passed out and barely clothed.

And like Adam trying to avoid the apple, Rich sets about his duties as promised ... even as the lightly-snoring, almost supernaturally beautiful straight man lying on the table behind him fairly begs for cooking of a different kind.

Shadowfire Press
is the publisher (instigator?) of this tale of lust (with a touch of sentimentality/romance, believe it or not - but you read it and tell me), and they did a wonderful job with the cover alone! You can order Fratatouille here for just $2.50 (insanely cheap!), and if you do read the story I hope you'll drop a note in my newly-revamped Cbox on the left.

Enjoy, God Bless, and play safe!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

60-Second Review: BARE CITY BOYZ

I came across one hot site the other day, and immediately wanted to add them to my list of film companies to review for. OTB Video Releasing is their name, and Latin twinks are there game ... never more so than in their #1-selling title as of this writing, the juicy Bare City Boyz.

If you've read my writing, you know how much I am into sizzling young Mexican guys here especially, and with the opening scene of the film, Ricky and Saulo had my instant erection - uhh, i mean attention, as a pair of fresh-faced yet masculine youths who turn some boring painting work into some barebacking anal pleasure (with Ricky an adorable, very sexy bottom to the oversized Saulo). These two tackle each other with real lust, especially from the dominant Saulo ...

Who next appears in one scorching scene as a youngster who watches two decidedly macho paintboys (Bruno - my newest husband - and Roberto) getting it on, before joining in one of the hottest threeways I've seen in awhile. Bruno, well-hung and with the boyish yet manly swagger so common to young Mexican men, is wonderfully oral and wonderfully aggressive as a top - before pulling double duty as he takes it from Roberto while plowing Saulo. The energy here is purely sexual, adding to the intensity of the scene, and the young men are all obviously into each other and the sex. Again, barebacking and facials and reinsertion after shooting are all the norm here ... and it makes for some real heat that had me needing to get away from the computer for awhile.

My baby Bruno pops up again for scene three - and pops all he has inside the hot little hole of an otherwise rough-looking boy thug named Nathan. This is all after Bruno takes a load in his own face/mouth, but afterward it's all about Bruno's topping skills - which I would sell a limb to experience myself, one day.

Roberto takes Tony on in a scene with some brief jackhammering screwing, barrio bareback style, as the boys again take a break from painting - before the hottest scene in the film pits the hung, young and full of cum Bruno against Ricky and Tony, in a scene that you could literally call "boys at play," the action seems that fresh and sexy and just plain HOT. Bruno easily dominates his more angelic-faced co-stars, and Ricky in particular shows his thirst for taking some liquid snow into his pretty, pert mouth.

But it's the seven-hombre orgy, in the end, that has the guys barebacking it all with each other - the sucking and fucking enthusiastic and hardcore, with the match ups and switch ups making for spurting finish.

Though especially for lovers of young Mexican boys, if that's you then this film is very straightforward, no-frills porn ... and yet, it still works thanks to the beauty and hardcore hunger of its models. Good for multiple viewings, the bareback action and steamy facials alone must this a must-have. Available only via download, you can find the film - and good Lord, MANY others - by joining the OTB Video Fan Club. This film alone, though, was enough to make this boy wanna book a one-way ticket to Mexico (and note to Bruno: if ever in L.A., you have a place to stay!) NOW. **** (out of five)

Monday, April 5, 2010

LOS ANGELES prepares for Hurricane Kris!

Yep, you read it right - horndog Kris Klein has relocated, and is on the loose in Los Angeles! Just relocated here recently, and it feels pretty funky to be back. Amazing, how much this city has changed ... and yet remains the same. My extreme infatuation/lust for Hispanic men (especially Mexicans, probably because my first love was Mexican) has come bubbling to the surface like an unwatched pot, and I have to admit it feels pretty groovy to have my head spinning like a pinwheel again as I walk down the street, at all the tasty morsels passing my way.

Interestingly enough (and I swear, this was NOT planned), I have ended up living in Koreatown - so my penchant for Asian men, at least visually/eye-candy-wise, gets
fulfilled virtually on a daily basis, too. Ahh, the City Center food court on 6th and Alexandria (or come hang out with me at Ice Kiss Cafe down the street; MAN, good stuff there!) ... good GOD, what I wouldn't give to have a few guys I've seen there, from the young Hispanic who buses the dishes to some of the hot-as-hell Asian guys who lunch there in full business suits I'd so enjoy stripping off them some afternoon in their office ...

In other words, PUH-LENTY of story material here - but at the same time, I also want to hook up with some local (and maybe not so local) adult film companies here, and get my groove more into doing tons more of the "60-Second Reviews" that you can find (a few of) on here. Will see what I can do regarding that, so please stay tuned - meanwhile, am just glad to have shaken off the flu bug that left me grounded (over the last few weeks especially), and to be feeling like my old self again.

Have even neglected my writing - SHAME ON ME - so please check back for some freaky updates, hopefully soon. And much love, as always, to everyone for reading!


Out at Last: PJ'S POOL PARTY!

Sorry to be insanely late in posting this, but this boy got a vicious flu bug a few weeks back, and like a moron tried working his regular day job throughout ... making him, of course, that much sicker. It moved into what felt like walking pneumonia, but thankfully has finally gone, leaving only an annoying cough and one underused sex drive - ready for action - in its wake.

I might have fared better had it been summertime, much like Jaime does in my newest lustful love letter from eXcessica Publishing, entitled "PJ's Pool Party". This story (a genuine labor of both lust AND love, for reasons too private to go into) centers around a young Mexican boy named Jaime, newly relocated back to Houston after breaking up with the much-older boyfriend he'd relocated to Philadelphia for, who finds himself short of both patience and money when he ends up renting a room in the house of a very nice lady.

Said nice lady, fortunately, has a straight and almost supernaturally handsome son, named PJ, who's visiting for the weekend from college. PJ is cocky and self-assured and athletic and just plain hot ... all of which turn Jaime on to the point where he can't hide his growing erection as the two young men spend the afternoon out by the in-ground pool.

And though PJ is straight as a yardstick, he's also currently quite pissed with his girlfriend - and intrigued at the thought of this hot young Mexican hombre who's (to say the least) aroused by him. Thus begins some pool play that turns quite serious - and quite hot - under the summer sun, with Jaime almost getting more than he'd ever hoped (or bargained) for, when the angry and aggressive straight college boy takes control of him, and show Jaime just who's party it is.

Selena and the dear folks at eXcessica are carrying the 7300-word story here, for only $2.99, where you can also read an excerpt before purchasing. And if you do read it, please let me know what you think. Meanwhile I do hope, in the final days of spring, it will keep you as warm as the balmy summer to come.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

BRADLEY COOPER: Baby-Daddy #20

Ahhh, you silly people who refer to him as "that guy from The Hangover" ...

Because looooong before that film, Bradley Cooper was melting my Haagen-Dazs in TV series like "Touching Evil" and "The $treet". He then got his own shot starring in the short-lived "Kitchen Confidential" (which was better than anyone ever gave it credit for being), supporting roles in Wedding Crashers and in the TV series "Alias" finally brought him some well-deserved attention from the industry.

But if possible, catch him in all his juicy glory as Aidan Stone in a handful of "Nip/Tuck" (a series that, thankfully, has always glorified the beauty and sensuality of the nude/nearly nude male form) episodes ... and as 'Face' in the upcoming film version of The A-Team.

I had the pleasure of meeting Bradley Cooper several years ago, when he was doing a play on Broadway, and I have to say that there is no photo I have ever seen - no piece of video, either - that does the man justice; he is handsome beyond belief in person, and exudes an aura of charm, masculinity and openness that will have you dropping to your knees in front of him ... not for the usual reason, but to propose marriage; the guy is THAT nice, and that sensually beautiful.

I did well to not jump on him when we met, but definitely a baby-daddy I wouldn't dare trust myself alone in a room with. Unless, of course, HE wanted it that way ...


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Red-Hot Review: You like me! You really like me!

Seriously Reviewed, you are seriously making me BLUSH; a good friend just forwarded me another review from "romancereader," for my story "The Brothers Dim," that made me feel warm and fuzzy all over. I have to admit, I loved the first line alone: "Oh Kris baby, you are quickly becoming my naughty little obsession."

That made me smile, but in fact the entire review was terrific to read - a wonderful pat to the ego that I am not sure I deserved ... but will gladly and graciously accept, anyway.

You can read the entire review
here, and there's a link to purchase the story along with the review.

It's kind of rare when one of my own stories turns me on while I'm writing it, but "The Brothers Dim" was indeed one of those exceptions. Glad someone else out there feels the same.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Before some of you erotica aficionados get your naughty little minds thinking this is a gang-bang story - guess again (and my apologies if that disappoints you)! The title's play on words might imply that (something I didn't even realize until I was sent the awesome cover art), but what "Everybody Fucks Raymond" - now available from eXcessica Publishing - is truly about is a business executive's reputation ... and the young temp worker determined to prove that reputation can't be true.

You've seen them in every office - the sweet, faced young man who pops up one day, via a temp service, that you wish you could throw over the photocopier and do on sight. Such is Aaron Adams, whose current assignment is with a high-end accounting firm in Phoenix that openly promotes hiring GLBT employees. During a lunch break one day, however, Aaron spots a sincerely H-O-T, masculine Latino he'd like to get to know better - senior accountant Raymond Aguilar - but soon as he brings up the man's name, his entire break room table is a-buzz with the supposed sexual exploits of Mr. Aguilar, who seems determined to work his way through the entire building dick by dick.

But Aaron smells a rat - or a bunch of jealous, bitchy queens. He can't believe the quiet, macho, self-assured and professional looking man he's seen could be that type ... and swallowing his fear (not to mention risking his job), Aaron decides to let Mr. Aguilar know about the rumors flying through the office about him.

What follows is a new definition of "employee relations" - and, I hope, a story that you enjoy.

It's available for just $1.99 here, where you can also read an excerpt, and hopefully reading it will make you think twice about the next bit of office gossip you here; either that, or maybe encourage you to jump on the bandwagon and join the fun yourself, if the gossip (and the man) are worth it.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Husband's LEGAL Today!

This should be a legal holiday, for sure. Banks closed, no mail delivered or processed, and government employees taking excuse number 3,458 to NOT do any work.

Why? 'Cause my baby-daddy - my husband-to-be - the salt in my stew - the cream in my coffee- my reason for living - TAYLOR LAUTNER- is legal today!

Yep, Twilight's Jacob is at last 18, and ripe for the picking! Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Taylor Daniel Lautner was a child actor who - good LORD - has grown up into a super-hottie, now famous thanks to Twilight. Recently cast as Stretch Armstrong for the upcoming film, Taylor Klein - oops, I mean Lautner - has also just been cast in the film version of the upcoming Max Steel, and of course continues as were-hunk Jacob in the films based on Stephenie Meyer's books.

Of French, Dutch, German and Native American descent, Taylor's smoking and exotic looks (including the buffed bod he had to build up for New Moon, and that smile that could melt concrete) were recently featured in an issue of Rolling Stone. He's currently being forced to date Taylor Swift, but I just see that as both a phase and the misguided goofiness of youth.

Taylor, am here whenever you need me, babe. And SO nice to be able to legally lust after you, at last!


Kris Klein-Lautner

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Red-Hot Review - for eXcessica, too!

Want a hot anthology to warm your cockles on a cold winter night? Well, according to Seriously Reviewed, you can't melt much more than you can by reading the newest anthology from eXcessica Publishing, entitled "Stuck on You" - nine stories of man-on-man love and lust ... or, more accurately maybe, lust that ends in love.

Authors in the anthology include some of the best writers of erotica today:

J.M. Snyder
Alex Jordaine
AP Miller
Gavin Atlas
Kris Klein (woo-hoo!)
Kenn Dahll
Phineas Magnus
and the book's editor, Selena Kitt!

And you can read the review from Seriously Reviewed here, to see if this gem of a collection is for you.

You can purchase it here, and probably should; we're talking red-hot sex that, in the end, is only the beginning to something a whole lot more!


The HILARIOUS (and kinda sexy) Peter Chao

KELLAN LUTZ: Baby-Daddy #6