Saturday, April 24, 2010


So what's a cute, young, gay culinary student/pastry chef wannabe supposed to do, when he agrees to help out for Parents Weekend by cooking for a houseful of frat boys?

This is Rich's dilemma, as he shows up to the huge, kinda creepy frat house, prepared for cooking - and walks in on the leftovers of a drunken party the night before. The door open, Rich stumbles into the darkened home to find frat boys of every size, shape and variety passed out on nearly every available surface in the living room - in various stages of drunken undress. Worse, as he somehow makes his way down the hall to the kitchen, Rich finds a cluttered, tiny workspace on which to cook the guys' meal ... and, on the large kitchen table in the corner, the man of his dreams - straight athlete CJ - passed out and barely clothed.

And like Adam trying to avoid the apple, Rich sets about his duties as promised ... even as the lightly-snoring, almost supernaturally beautiful straight man lying on the table behind him fairly begs for cooking of a different kind.

Shadowfire Press
is the publisher (instigator?) of this tale of lust (with a touch of sentimentality/romance, believe it or not - but you read it and tell me), and they did a wonderful job with the cover alone! You can order Fratatouille here for just $2.50 (insanely cheap!), and if you do read the story I hope you'll drop a note in my newly-revamped Cbox on the left.

Enjoy, God Bless, and play safe!


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  1. Hi, Kris,

    "Fratatouille" sounds like great fun!

    Glad that you're feeling better, btw!